The best technology is no longer for the few

“Smartphones should not be limited to only the wealthy individuals. Our goal is to make smartphones available to everyone”. This is the credo of Jun Lei, the founder of Xiaomi whose company is making devices that are affordable and aren’t short on quality and high specs.

Founded in 2010, Xiaomi (pronounced  Shao-mee) is the top 5 global smartphone brand in the world and number 1 smartphone brand in China, achieved in only 5 years. This growth is significant as Xiaomi is available in only 10 countries (excluding Europe and the US). With its recent launch into Africa, the company has plans to accelerate their international expansion.


Why should you pay so much for technology, so much for a name, so much for tech that doesn’t have to cost so much?

True to Xiaomi’s brand mantra “high quality technology doesn’t have to cost a fortune”, they have incorporated the best components from top suppliers like Qualcomm, MediaTek, Sharp and Sony to create the perfect union between supreme technology, premium quality and beautiful design bringing customers affordable luxury.

At less than half the cost of premium brands, Xiaomi has brilliant price points because it’s cut down on traditional costs associated with marketing, advertising and distribution.

With its products, services and accessibility, Xiaomi has become a true enabler for all. Low cost. Feature full. Made by many.


MIUI is Xiaomi’s “live” crowd-sourced, Mobile OS, and stands for Mi User Interace. MIUI is Android-based and build to make your mobile experience much better. It’s a beast of an OS, with almost 4 billion downloads made by 170 million fans.

What exactly is a “live” OS? Xiaomi is dedicated to building and delivering products and experiences that are exactly what you’re looking for. To make this happen, Xiaomi fans constantly contribute to the development of MIUI by giving suggestions, testing new features and designing new themes to make it an ever-evolving making your daily life faster, easier and more efficient.

Xiaomi has many more products and services, which we can look forward to being available in the near future.


In 2012 Xiaomi shipped a total of 7.2m smartphones
In 2013 Xiaomi shipped a total of 18.7m smartphones
In the first quarter of 2014 Xiaomi had already shipped more than 11m smartphones, more than they sold in the entirety of 2012 and just over half the 2013 sales numbers.
During China’s 24-hour online shopping sales event, Xiaomi racked up $163 million in sales, selling 1.2 million phones.