Mi Induction Cooker


As we all know, cooking is the intersection of work and life, this induction cooker will give you a different experience. Xiaomi induction cooker is a new product for cooking, which has 99 different fire levels to precisely control cooking temperature, so you can adjust the cooking temperature according to your needs.

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There are 99 different cooking temperatures here, you can adjust the fire power according to your needs for cooking.

The traditional induction cooker can have intermittent heating issues. In order to solve this problem, Xiaomi induction cooker using dual-frequency heating technology, which can give you such a traditional stove cooking experience.

Low temperature cooking is a cooking method favoured by the international community in recent years. By constantly heating cooking techniques at a constant water temperature, the juice and freshness of the ingredients are locked and nutrients are not damaged.

External temperature probe is more accurate compared to the traditional internal probes and allows precise changes in heating temperature

Xiaomi induction cooker has developed 100+ healthy cooking modes through the deployment of professional nutritionists to meet the diverse needs of users

Xiaomi induction cooker has a removable non-slip silicone ring as well as an increased non slip mat.

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