#Free2Choose the best data deals with Xiaomi dual-SIM smartphones

Article: My Broadband - Vicky Sidler.

To really benefit from data cost competition, consumers need to be free to switch to the best data deals as they wish. Data costs are under pressure from the #DataMustFall movement.

Only this weekend Icasa fired a broadside at service providers over expensive data costs. In response, ISPs are launching very competitive data deals, the latest offering 250MB for R1. That’s all very well – and very welcome, but many consumers face the hurdle of number porting to take advantage of these offers. To really benefit from data cost competition, consumers need to be free to switch to the best data deals as they wish.



Easy network switching with a dual-SIM smartphone

The answer is a dual-SIM smartphone. It lets you switch to any network you like, without having to port. You can use one SIM to keep your current number and the other to switch your phone to a different network. That way you can also take advantage of two different deals, to get maximum value for money.


Affordable Xiaomi dual-SIM smartphones

Xiaomi smartphones come with dual-SIM capability as standard. Straight out of the box they’re tailor-made for network switching. Xiaomi’s focus is on affordable luxury. Almost six years of development aimed at ensuring the best technology is no longer only available to the few, have resulted in Xiaomi becoming a top 5 global smartphone brand. These massive economies of scale allow it to use the best components from the top manufacturers to ensure excellent build quality – without having to compromise quality for budget. Its HD screens are made by Sharp and its cameras are made by Sony. The phones themselves are built by the same Foxconn plant that builds Apple iPhones.


Power, speed and space

Xiaomi smartphones include the entry-level Redmi 2 Pro, which establishes the baseline specifications for all Xiaomi phones. It has 4G dual-SIM capability and full HD display. A Snapdragon processor mated to 16GB of memory provides power, speed and space. The Xiaomi range extends all the way to the flagship Mi 5, with its 820 Snapdragon processor, 32GB memory and 3GB RAM. This powerhouse also boasts a camera with a Saphire lens and 4-axis OIS stabilisation.

If you're keen to find out more about dual-SIM, read on: http://mia.africa.com/za/free2choose