Become the ultimate Pokémon Go trainer with a little boost from Xiaomi

You may have already caught the Pokémon Go bug, or FOMO has set in and you need to get started like ASAP. Either way, there are some vital essentials you are going to need to become the ultimate Pokémon trainer and Xiaomi has the perfect packages to help you level up.


Go Play

You can’t play Pokémon Go on just any phone. You need a smartphone, one so smart that it has at least 2GB of RAM before you can even download the app. A gyroscope and GPS to fully experience the augmented reality of having a Pokémon pop up in your very own living room. And a 1280x720 screen resolution to see where your next Pokéstop is situated. 

 But all this Pokémon hunting can get a little tiring, especially on your phone’s battery. That’s why a Xiaomi Power Bank is essential while you’re on the go. With 10400mAh, this powerful charger is the best in its class, and the only way you’re going to get your hands on a Squirtle without the worry of your phone’s battery dying.


Go Explore

You’ve become quite the seasoned Poké-hunter. But you need more! More juice to keep your phone going while you’re out on an adventure and there’s no plug-point in sight. It’s a stress-free zone when you bring a Power Bank along with you on the trip. 10400mAh of battery power is more than enough to keep you moving.

And speaking of which. When last did you take a walk as long as this? If only you could track your steps and the distance you’ve covered. Oh wait, you can. With Mi Band Pulse, getting active while on the Go has never been easier. 30 Day battery life and a heart-rate monitor, Mi Band Pulse is the perfect fitness tracker for a Pokémon trainer.


Go Battle

Pokémon Go is no longer ‘just a game’. This virtual world is a battle field and you need everything in your arsenal to be the ultimate Pokémon warrior. A more than capable smartphone with gyroscope, GPS and 2GB of RAM; check. 10400mAh Power Bank to keep you and your phone on the Go and ready for anything; check. A fitness tracker to monitor every step you take; check. With all of these items from Xiaomi, those Pokémon don’t stand a chance.