Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2

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Each earbud weighs only 4.1g – making wearing super lightweight and comfortable, giving you the feel of having only music in your ears. The total weight including the charging case, is only 35.4g, making it truly easy to carry and store.

9 reviews for Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2

  1. I am overly impressed!

    The earbuds quality is great, and the price makes it a complete no brainer. A definite buy.

    Highly recommended!

  2. We recently bought some of these airdots and they are beyond amazing for the price. The charging case is small and light and holds quite a few charges of the actual earbuds. The buds sit nice and comfy in one’s ear canal and I can go multiple hours with it without it making me uncomfortable like many other brands do. The microphones work really well and pick up my voice and do well to minimize outside interference. All in all a great purchase and one I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy a pair

  3. I lost the ones I got when I bought my Redmi 8 so I decided to buy them again. They are the best, I’ll buy them again if I lose them again😂. Highly recommended

  4. one earbud stopped working after a week, would NOT recommend.

  5. This is my 2nd pair and as long as they still available next time I want them, I’m gonna buy them again!

  6. Love it great quality for the price

  7. Absolutely brilliant, the sound quality is great and they are comfortable to wear. I use them on with my laptop and with my phone and they work great with both. I suppose the only drawback is the slight difficulty of getting the pods out of their carry/charge case. Thank you for the great product. MI Rocks…

  8. These are just awesome!!!

  9. Good quality product and impressive quick delivery too

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