Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop PRO

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Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro is Xiaomi’s first robot vacuum cleaner under the Mi brand with both LDS laser and mop function. All the first-class technology at an incredibly low price! With a large battery of 3200 mAh and with a suction power of 2100 PA, the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro picks up all dirt and keeps your home clean of dust, particles and more! The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro takes up to 2cm high thresholds and can now both mop and vacuum, all at a great price.

Battery and Power
  • 3200mAh
Power Output
  • 2100Pa suction power
  • Black & White
In The Box
  • Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro and charging dock

1 review for Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop PRO

  1. Having experienced the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop and now the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop PRO; I can definitely say that the PRO has some very worthwhile features that you wouldn’t know that you needed if you went for the middle/lower end model. The middle tier model was excellent at its job around the house and (if uninterrupted) would clean the whole house without any help. However; if interrupted I found that it struggled to find its location on the map and would need to be taken back to the dock.

    This doesn’t happen (almost) at all for the PRO. The LIDAR allows for far better tracking leaving you assured that its not going to get lost in a bathroom because of a bathmat blocking it.
    Additionally, its mop function works quite thoroughly since it does a Y shaped motion, brushing forwards and backwards over the ground.

    Finally, this robot barely ever bumps into anything. The only times its bumped into things is for obvious reasons like glass sliding doors and surfaces below the height of the lidar.

    Overall; from the well thought out software experience to the effective cleaning it does. I am more than delighted to recommend this product to anyone I know.
    My favorite feature is the scheduled cleaning of specific rooms on specific days, allowing it to work while you’re busy elsewhere

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