Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2


Innovative Magnetic Structure
Human Body Induction
Flicker Free, Natural Lighting
360 Degree Rotating
Dual Brightness Adjustment
Stick or Stand, Multiple Scenario
Induction Range
Long Battery Life

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The Night Light That Can Rotate 360°

Innovative Magnetic Structure
The independent lamp body is firmly adsorbed on the base and can be removed with a slight effort when needed.

Human Body Induction
Equipped with photosensitive sensor & Human detective sensor.

With advanced photosensors, the sensing function is turned on under dim conditions, smart and sensitive.

The sensing angle is as large as 120 degrees, the sensing distance is 0-6 meters in front and the side is 0-2.5 meters.

Flicker Free, Natural Lighting
2800K Warm yellow light, provide comfort environment at night.

360 Degree Rotating
The combination of hemispherical lamp and magnetic absorption structure brings 360 degree freely adjustment, illuminates every darkness.

Dual Brightness Adjustment
The low gear is suitable for getting up at night, gentle and not glaring; the high gear is suitable for dim lighting and easy to illuminate the surrounding environment.

Low gear:3 lm

High gear:25lm

Stick Or Stand, Multiple Scenario
This product is suitable for stairways, corridors, entrance, bedside, kitchen, toilet, warehouse ,garage, balcony and other places.

Induction RangeInductive mode, which automatically turns on when someone passes by at night, automatically turns off after 15 seconds, and smart sensor makes your night more smart.

Long Battery Life
AA battery * 3 can provide long time use

  • MJYD02YL
Luminous Flux
  • 3 lm / 25 lm
Color Temperature
  • 2800 k
Rated Voltage
  • 4.5 V
Rated Power
  • 0.34 W
Operating Temperature
  • -10°C ~ 40°C
  • 80 x 80 x 62 mm
  • AA battery *3
Net Weight
  • Approx. 121 g
Package Contents
  • Mi Motion-Activated Night Light 2
  • User manual
  • Warranty Card


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