Pre-owned products are 100% fully functional. Due to these products being previously owned, conditions can vary and we have designed a product condition guide to help guide your decision across three grading options; Good, Better and Best. To find out more about the product conditioning.

Helping you choose the right pre-owned or demo product for you:

Choosing a pre-owned, refurbished or demo product shouldn’t be difficult. We also know that all customers differ when buying pre-owned products, assessing both quality and value for money. This is why we’ve designed a product condition guide which you’ll see in the description field of all our devices. Whatever the quality or value of our products you can be guaranteed of 100% functionality.


Most affordable value. 100% functional and backed by a 12 month warranty. Visible scratches, maybe even small dents. Screen contains small scratches.

Bodysmall, speck-like markings and/or small dents can be expected on or around the body or by the charging port.

Screen – screens of all ‘good’ condition products can contain small, noticeable scratches on or around the display


Can contain light scratches on the body or small speck markings on the edges. Screens are almost
 unmarked from scratches.

Bodycan contain light surface scratches on the body or exterior.

Screen – screens have barely noticeable scratches on the screen and are almost unmarked


Highest quality pre-owned devices. The body has no noticeable scratches and the screen is without scratches


Body – the body and or exterior of these products have barely noticeable markings on the body or exterior.

Screen – The screens are unmarked.

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