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Mi Smart Air Fryer

 Cook healthy with the Mi Air Fryer

        Healthy meals, healthy life!

It’s not just an Air Fryer… It’s also a yoghurt maker, a dehydrator, a microwave oven and an electric oven. The Mi Smart Air Fryer includes eight preset modes and a 360-degree hot air circulation which allows for cooking food with less oil and fat. And for the busy person -it supports up to 24 hour scheduled cooking! You simply pop your food in the Air Fryer in advance and come home to a hot delicious meal waiting for you.

The Mi Smart Home Hub is a smart home control center that can connect with Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Mesh smart devices.

Train your breath, rate your heart and detect your sleeping patterns with one little device.

Enjoy clear, richly detailed sound that fills the room at any volume. It also supports DTS Customized Sound.

Mi Wireless Outdoor Security Camera 1080p

Protect with the Mi Wireless Outdoor Security Camera 1080p

The outdoor security camera is an easy wireless installation and is equipped a 130-degree ultra-wide angle lens, 1080 video resolution and up to 7meters vision distance. It supports up to four outdoor cameras, for simultaneous recording and sends you real time alerts in case of abnormal activity.

Equipped with photosensitive sensor & Human detective sensor. With advanced photosensors, the sensing function is turned on under dim conditions, smart and sensitive.

Installation is simple and neat by mounting on the monitor. No extra space required from the desk.

The Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp Pro is your perfect companion for a full desk stereo lighting experience.