Lighting fast

Transfer Files Lightning Fast

Mi Drop allows seamless transfer of files between devices without
requiring an internet connection. It’s supported on devices which run
on Android 4.4 and later.

Mi Video

Mi Video supports popular video formations and subtitles. It even intelligently groups episodes
by show and allows you to hide videos that you wish to keep private.


Lightning Speed

Evolution of user experience

Launch speed boost

Dynamic resource allocation

Critical background acceleration

Automatic cache clearing

New file system

Smooth and Stable

Split Screen

In MIUI 9, you can run 2 apps simultaneously on the same screen,
and you can adjust the screen space each takes.

App Vault

Access your favourite features with a single tap

App Vault shortcuts allow you to access core features of your favourite apps.


Calendar events


Mi Drop


Notification Shade

The new Notification Shade now presents information in a more concise and
comprehensive way. It groups all notifications on a by-app basis to reduce clutter.
You can even quickly reply to messages without opening the app.