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Mobile in Africa Brand Guidelines

Why focus on MIA?

Mobile in Africa as a brand needs its own identity to build long term equity that ensures it can stand alone, but also with key partners. Brick and Motor retailers do not niche themselves into their product offering unless they are a franchise of said product – in this instance MIA is no different.

Why Change?

Currently the XIAOMI branding is linked directly to the MIA Brand making it impossible to create a distinct identity for MIA the brand. The new updated XIAOMI logo tweak presents and opportunity to develop a new co-branded pack but also an update to the Mobile in Africa brand.

Why Tech for all?

“Mobile in Africa Group is passionate about empowering South Africans by making innovative, cutting edge technology accessible to all. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, from choosing the right products to customer after-care.”
This direct quote from the website means this strap-line makes sense and can be the consumer point of difference going forward.

Logo Variations

Roundel Orange
Roundel Grey
Roundel Black
Full House



Tone Example

Visual Direction


Social Media

Google Assets

All Assets

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