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Mobile in Africa is Expanding Its Product Range and You’re in For a Treat!

We’ve been through the most this year. Just as we (sort of) bid the Global Pandemic goodbye, the arrival of Monkeypox took its place. Fortunately, not as serious, but still. Bleg! Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa got divorced. Amber Heard and Johnny Depp went to war, and most recently, the beloved Queen Elizabeth II passed away. Sometimes things leave a bitter taste in our mouths. So, we thought it was time to sweeten things up!

It’s Almost Time to Tuck In

By now you’ll know that we’re all about making affordable technology accessible to all. Why? Because life should be easier, simpler, and more fun! Oh, and colourful! Always more colourful. With this in mind, we asked ourselves how best to liven things up for the remainder of the year and boy did we find just the thing(s)!

Mobile in Africa is introducing two exciting new brands to our product portfolio giving you more variety and plenty of reason to smile. It’s time to forget about what has been, and tuck into new opportunities instead! This vibrant mix of products is sure to get you started!

Sample Our PLG Phones

We know what you’re thinking. What the heck is PLG? Well, friends – this little acronym for ‘Pre-Loved Goods’ is packed with potential and a whole lot of deliciousness! An-all new section on our online store will be dedicated solely to previously owned tech products at more than reasonable prices. Reusing and recycling tech 🧡🧡🧡 enjoy a mix of all the best for less to end the year off right! Shop our pre-loved phones here.

Get Stuck Into Fitbit

Oh, so it’s fitness products you’re after? You’ve no-doubt heard about Fitbit, then? This brand’s smartwatches and trackers are built to inspire and designed for every type of fitness freak or foe. Not only are these devices super advanced in helping you manage your health, but they’re also super fancy for those looking to flex while they, well, flex. You’ll be able to find the one that’s right for you on our online store soon!

Well now, how do you like them Apples?! See what we did there? Wink wink. While the better part of the year had its downs, we hope you’ll agree that things are certainly heating up. And we’re not just talking about the weather. The addition of new brands means that you have way more to choose from to ensure the last few months of the year are memorable for the right reasons!


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