Which Xiaomi phone suits your personality best?

If you’re anything like us, you can get lost in the rabbit hole of internet quizzes. We can tell you what type of Potato we are, our favourite animated movie and whether or not we will be dyeing our hair pink for the winter. However, one thing we would not be able to tell you is which Xiaomi device is best for us! 

So, our team got together, put on their nifty super-sleuthing specs and dug deep to find out which device series is perfect for you! Do you dare take our quiz?? Are you more of a Redmi Note 10 Pro? Or do you lean more towards the Xiaomi 11T Pro? 

Pick the phrase that describes you best! 

Phrase 1: 

  1. You dream in frames and special effects
  2. Retweets, Regrams and Routines make your world go round
  3. Beautifully curated feed sends your heart in a spin

Phrase 2: 

  1. Blogging and Vlogging are your vibes
  2. It’s a GIF not a JIF
  3. Like and Subscribe are your mantra

Phrase 3: 

  1. You’re Reel-y addicted to video content
  2. Give us ALL the filters
  3. Sunsets, bookstagram and rolling hills 

Now for the reveal – don’t worry we won’t cut to an ad-break or leave you in suspense. Each personality type has a Xiaomi device that suits their needs, their personality and their passions. 

If you chose ‘Mostly A’s you’re obviously a person of refined and cultivated tastes. Video content is your jam and you’ll be the next blogging, vlogging viral superstar! But what device will give you the upper hand when it comes to seeking internet stardom? That’s an easy one – give any one of our Redmi 10 series a try. 

These sleek and stylish devices are pocket friendly and are the perfect companions for the journey to internet stardom. For example the Redmi 10 128GB  will definitely level up your photography game! With a 50MP Quad Camera and a 80MP Ultra wide angle lens you will be unboxing with the best of them. At R3899.00 the Redmi 10 128GB levels up the viewing experience by making it one of the most affordable smartphones in its class with such a high refresh rate. What a way to keep up with the competition? 

If you’re looking for a device that seriously delivers stunning video’s and images then the Redmi Note 10S Onyx Gray 128GB priced at R3899 is your go-to device. Lighting will never be a problem again and with AmoLED speakers, playing your videos back will leave your audience in awe. Did we mentione that the Redmi Note 10S has battery power that is perfect for heavy usage?

If you’re already on your way to super stardom – or realising your creative dreams – look no further than the Redmi Note 10 Pro Onyx Grey 128GB. While this device costs slightly more, at R5199, it will definitely help you ‘discover your ideal adventure’.

If you’re keen on Creating Content Like A Pro With Ultra-Crisp Camera Technology the Redmi Note 10 Pro has a 108MP rear quad camera with 9-in-1 pixel binning  and Dual native ISO technologies, the Redmi Note 10 Pro captures stunningly detailed images with its improved processing and higher dynamic range. The Redmi Note 10 Pro is as incredible to look at as it is to use.

If you chose Mostly B’s: you’re more than just a ‘social butterfly.’

While you’re social savvy and know the difference between a Gif, JIF and a cinemagraph then the Redmi 9’s will have your friends, family and colleagues clicking ‘like,’ Retweeting and generally drooling over your creative genius. 

The Redmi 9A, while entry level (this bang for your buck phone is a steal at R1899.00) promises an uncompromised camera which is perfect for those Sunday lunch selfies with the girls or hanging out at home with the guys. However, if you’re not into selfies or social media then the ARM SoC (or System on a Chip) processor will streamline your life and help keep you connected. 

If you know exactly what you want out of your smartphone or Xiaomi device then the Redmi 9T or the Redmi 9C 64GB ( R3599 and 2399 respectively) are definitely a good next step! You can “C” more with the camera of the Redmi 9C 64GB and the 12 nm processor. And the  Redmi 9T has both an ultra wide angle and macro lens which means you have many versatile photography experience, we guarantee you’ll be positively prowling around looking for more photo ops. If you’re worried that living through a lens will act as a drain on your battery life, we’ve got you covered with a 600mAh battery with fast charging  capabilities! When you invest in the Redmi 9T 128GB you can also enjoy an immersive gaming experience, without eye strain. 

If you answered mostly C’s you matched with the premier Xiaomi mobile device, the Xiaomi 11T Pro 256GB. This is our flagship phone and it is an absolute beauty. When you buy a Xiaomi 11T Pro you’ll find a phone with pure cinematic features and innovative camera technologies. The Xiaomi 11T Pro will put a film crew into the palm of your hand and you can rest assured that if you ever need it to, this handset can continue to film in difficult conditions up to -10℃.

If you require a device that is more than a camera and you’d rather need your device to wheel and deal then you will definitely be interested in our next feature, in only 10 minutes of charging, you can enjoy up to 11 hours of call time or 7 hours of video playback. 

The long and short of this is that, at R13 999, the Xiaomi 11T Pro is a powerhouse in your creative arsenal with advanced ISP capabilities in order to execute your wildest creative undertakings.

No matter what you value in a phone the Xiaomi mobile range certainly has something to suit your tastes. 

Happy Shopping


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