Introducing the NEW Xiaomi 11T Pro

Introducing the NEW Xiaomi 11T Pro

Just when we thought we had our festive gift lists sorted… The NEW Xiaomi 11T Pro just landed in time to shake the pretend snow off the plastic fir leaves. 

There are many amazing smartphones on the market, each one promising to be the best, but let us tell you, the new Xiaomi 11T Pro leaves them all behind. 

We could wax lyrical on the hyper-charging functionality and we could tell you, again, that with a 5 000 milliamp battery you can go from 0% – fully charged in minutes. We promise you, in less than twenty minutes you can breathe a sigh of relief and go on to capture the world around you! 

We could also tell you that it has a 6.67inch (that’s 16.94 cm’s to us South Africans) amoled screen 120 hertz. Which is  great, it really is, but what really sets the Xiaomi 11T Pro apart from the rest is its cinema worthy, absolutely insane camera capabilities. 

The camera on this device is quite literally CINEMAGIC. It allows you to turn your life into a truly cinematic memory. Whether you’re more of an ameteur and take incredible photographs with brilliant vibrant visuals or you prefer to capture your world in serious studio-grade videography. 

With leading computational videography and top of the line pro-grade cameras with professional special effects and creative options mean that you can live your best life on and off the ‘gram or YouTube. 

We really could spend all day listing the fabulous features available to you on this device, but we’d rather you shop for your own device here and see just how incredible the tele macro lense is.  And if that’s not enough you can also record ambient background noise to give your home movies that extra little bit of spice! Alfred Hitchcock can move over, there’s a new award winning director in town, [Insert your name here].

The Xiaomi 11T Pro is all about capturing and engaging with the world around you, so step into our universe and create magic while you live magic. Experience it yourself! 

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