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We’re all used to spending more time at home now, but honestly, we are all banana breaded out! We need another trend to sink our teeth into and it seems, we’re in luck!  After an eternity of blue skies and chilly winter winds, Spring is finally around the corner, and with it the launch of the epic new Mi Smart Air Fryer. Life just got a whole lot simpler, faster and tasty. 

The new Mi Smart Air Fryer, not only provides us with the crispiest, flavourful and crunchiest French Fries around, it also makes them with less than half the amount of oil. So now you can have your proverbial “cake” and eat it too (yes, you can make cake in it). Really, the new Mi Smart Air Fryer is so simple to use and it takes up minimal space making it perfect for any kitchen. Whether you’re a working mom of three, a career driven single gal who lives with her bestie or a hard-working career professional with no time to cook but mindful of your physique! This air fryer will up your cooking game by 100%! 

We don’t mean to brag (wait, ignore us, we do mean to brag) but the Mi Smart Air Fryer is 3.5L of pure, unadulterated kitchen pleasure. We know what you might be thinking that “you’re not about that air fryer life”, well that is about to change! Sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of tea while we take you on a culinary journey of wonders. 

Not only can you whip up over 100 different delicious recipes, you can also use our Mi Smart Air Fryer as food dehydrator, a microwave oven, a food defroster *and* a yoghurt maker! All in one gorgeous machine – elegant chrome accents on a white base – it will even make your kitchen look like it belongs between the cover of Home and Garden. 

And while we don’t want to sound like a 3am infomercial, that’s *not* all, you can bake a cake in our air fryer – not a mini cake or cupcakes but a full fluffy cake – perfect for days that end in ‘Y’ or those days when you have a class birthday and you forgot, well set your timer for 30 mins and the temperature at 160 ° and Bob is quite literally your uncle. 

One can create so many mouth-watering dishes in the Mi Smart Air Fryer that you will find any reason to whip it out, plug it in and ‘fire’ her up – you may even start toying with the idea of a socially distanced Braai-Day gathering with only your nearest and dearest. After all, you can get your braai broodjies just the way you love them in our air fryer in half the time. Or you could WOW your Ouma with her malva pudding fresh out of the fryer and smelling lekker! But why stop there, get Gogo in the kitchen and show her how her dombolo can be made in less time than it takes to grease a pan and get the coals hot. 

As the minutes to Braai-Day tick ever closer it’s a good idea to let your fingers do the walking and your mouse do the talking and head on over to our online store to buy your fantastic Mi Smart Air Fryer and get fried this September.


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  1. Jason Naicker September 16, 2021

    Good luck to all 😇

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