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Another day, another lockdown, another winter. While we’d all hoped our banana bread baking, virtual running and pineapple beer days were behind us, we find ourselves once again confined behind our boundary walls. How are we going to entertain ourselves – besides climbing them in desperation? Easy.  Instead of simply watching the hours tick past, invest in yourself and buy a smart watch, but not just any smartwatch, a Mi Watch. I mean, while you’re clawing at those walls, you might as well get some benefit from the physical activity, right? 

Unlike an “unsmart” watch that just records the passing of time, the Mi Watch  challenges, motivates and encourages you to set new targets for yourself, in terms of health and well-being.  And as you rise to the challenges, Mi Watch rewards you with proof of your achievements – the right watch can get you moving.  Each day becomes a challenge to beat the day before.

Mobile in Africa supplies three devices that will track your heart rate, count your steps and monitor a whole range of exercises, from rowing to hiking, from dance to yoga. If you like to live on the wild side, put one of these wearables through their paces with a run around your neighborhood.

The Mi Watch retailing at R2,199

For those of us who are serious about staying sane and active, the Mi Watch has 117 different professional sports modes and 16 days of battery life from a single charge, in only 2 hours. If you have access to a swimming pool (and are a member of the Polar Bear Cub) the Mi Watch is water resistant to up to 50m.  It can also measure your stress levels and track your sleep cycle. 

The Mi Watch Lite retailing at R1,099 

The longer lockdown goes on, the more we realise the importance of mental as well as physical health and well-being. For those of us taking the first tentative steps on the proverbial treadmill, the Mi Watch Lite should be on your wrist! Not only does this watch look great, it offers guided breathing for those times when the walls start closing in and it won’t break the piggy bank! 

The Mi Watch Lite offers 11 workout modes.  More than enough for the fitness bug to bite. And after only 2 hours of charging, you will keep going for 9-days. And if you want to look good on your journey to feeling good, the Mi Watch Lite offers easy change straps so you can match your wrist to your work-out mood. 

The Mi Band 6 retailing at R799 

If, like us, you jumped for joy when gyms re-opened last year and if you take your fitness seriously, we have something wonderful up our sleeves (or rather on our wrists) The Mi Smart Band 6 is here to help you stay 1 step ahead! 

With a sleek new design and shape, upgraded AMOLED Screen and sports tracking with 30 work out modes, the Mi Smart Band 6 can track calories burnt while sidestepping in a Zumba class, or your heart rate, boosted with a HIIT workout or slowed down with pinpointed stretches during a Pilates class with your cat. Best of all, this is the most cost effective wearable and is a great entry level device into the world of wearables.  

Some extra deets:

All of these wearables are able to track your steps, monitor your heart rate and pair with your phone whether you’re an Android user or an Apple fanatic. All you need to do is download the Mi Fit App and connect via Bluetooth. Best of all our watches let you answer and decline calls… Who are we kidding? We’re millennials, we only ever decline calls, Declining calls is good for your heart rate! 

Where can I get these?

We have a watch for every wrist.  For those who need to up their game and for those who just want to join the game, buy yourself a Mi Smart watch today, shop online and have it delivered to your door (we’re not that energetic… yet). 


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