Tech for all: that’s Mobile in Africa

tech for all thats mobile in africa

“Since we launched MIA in South Africa in 2015, we’ve been committed to making innovative, cutting edge technology accessible to everyone, especially young people.  We know that affordable mobile technology makes people’s lives better.  Through our ecosystem of automated technology, Mobile in Africa aims to make our customers’ lives easier, simpler and more fun,” says Mark Goott, MIA’s CEO.

MIA is about amazing smart technology – for everything

Mobile in Africa’s product range goes way beyond smartphones, watches and accessories, to must-have smart home products designed to simplify people’s lives. MIA is here to make your smart home dreams a reality:  With the Internet of Things (IoT), you can retrofit your home, connecting a range of home devices that take on those tasks we all love to hate, like cleaning, switching on the kettle and even drying your hair!

All you need to begin smartening up your home, is uncapped WiFi and the Mi Router which reliably connects more than 120 WiFi devices – at any one time. We’re not just talking about your smart phone or TV.  We are talking about making your TV even smarter with the Mi TV Stick from which you can access your DSTV, Netflix, music and games – all via one device.

Integral to a smart home, are the window and door sensors that enable you to manage your personal ecosystem.  In concert with the home hub and the Mi Wireless Switch, you can take control of your personal ecosystem, turning on lights and appliances like heaters and the Mi-smart kettle that will have boiling water ready for you, any time of day for that hot chocolate and especially first thing in on cold mornings.  The window and door sensors are important for controlling ambient lighting, these can be multi purposed as part of your security arrangement with the Mi-Security Camera which no modern – let alone smart – home would be without.

As we shut ourselves away from winter, and still face the challenge of colds, flu and covid, the Mi-Air Purifier, helps to keep you and your loved ones healthy.  An added feature of this appliance is that not only is it controlled remotely using the Mi Home App, but you can use it with Google Assist and/or Amazon Alexa.

Time for a refresh

In the last six years, Mobile in Africa has delivered thousands of products. In that time, we’ve not only established a strong network of partner retailers, but we now also have our own online shoppable store.

“This is taking our commitment to accessibility and affordability to a whole new level.  We can now engage directly with the people who are our customers.  With this innovation, it seemed appropriate to have a refresh of our brand image and what we do.  Mobile in Africa:  tech for all,” concludes Goott.


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