Help Dad explore the Internet of Things this Father’s Day

happy fathers day

At the end of last year the Dad in your house probably started on Project Smart Home. Some stuff is in place, but he’s chomping at the bit to do more.  

If he hasn’t yet, and has been talking about how the IoT (Internet of Things) can actually make his (your) life easier, why not help him along?  

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give him an IoT tech gadget (or two).

Starter pack

Let’s begin with a starter pack:  the smart sensor kit comes with a control hub and sensors that tell it (and you) what’s going on in the house – and then tells other gadgets what to do.  Working in concert with the Mi Home App, other devices, including the house security system can be connected and “smartened up”.  On security, and if Dad’s a prepper, here’s a good deal for Wi-Fi security cameras – with savings of between R99 and R199, respectively, if you buy two or three cameras.  

Oh, and the cameras get rave reviews from customers, one of whom commented on its “awesome clarity”.

Not enough Wi-Fi coverage

Because you know that Dad will tell you that the place the cameras should go,  doesn’t have Wi-Fi, solve the problem with a Wi-Fi extender.  The Xiaomi Pro WiFi Amplifier enables up to 300Mbps network speed and automatically chooses the best frequency.  Not only that, as many as 24 devices can connect (at any one time), ensuring that everything – not just security – is covered.  Every corner of the house has WiFi and Dad will now also be connected while he’s happily ensconced in the sanctity of his garage mancave.  

Why should Father clean up when a robot can do it instead?

Speaking of the mancave, you know how Dad hates people messing with his stuff and in his space, even if it’s for cleaning?  Here’s a solution:  a Robot vacuum will sweep up and clean for him – or anyone else for that matter.  Although Robo’s not a great option for cleaning in small spaces like the leather seats of Dad’s four-wheeled baby, or to suck out the dust from his favourite gaming tower, the nifty mini vacuum cleaner that comes in at a mere 500g, is. 

But wait, that’s not all:  What about fun and games?

If Dad Isn’t the serious type, and into music, movies and games, then, the Xiaomi Mi TV stick has just got to be the perfect gift.  The Mi TV stick is about so much more than just television: it supports Dolby Audio and can connect using a range of options from Micro USB to WiFi and yes Dad, it’s got “blue teeth” too – Bluetooth 4.2, to be precise.  Because it is Google certified, and has 2G of memory, Dad can download a range of apps and (more) games as well as his favourite music.  Because Netflix and Prime video can also be preinstalled, Mom might also find it handy… This too is a perfect addition to Project Smart Home because Chromecast is built-in so that Dad will be able to cast photos, videos, music and other content from his favourite device, directly to the TV.

If these suggestions don’t rock your socks, pop over to our online store and check out the other great tech options for this year’s Father’s Day.


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