Let the robot do it: 5 tasks you didn’t know you could automate

5 tasks you didn’t know you could automate

Being at home is getting a little samey, and the same old chores can end up dragging you down. If day to day life is starting to feel like a Groundhog Day of boring little tasks, check out our list of top 5 things you didn’t even know you could automate. All our Xiaomi goodies can be connected and controlled with the Mi Home App (available for iOS and Android) so you’ll always be in tune with your smart home.


#1 Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping – oh my!

With life’s never-ending list of chores, who’s really dedicated enough to do a daily sweep, mop and vacuum of your home?  We’re not judging you if dust bunnies are a common sight in your living space. Luckily, the robot vacuums of 2021 are smarter and more versatile than ever. 

Not only is the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop PRO clever enough to map out your home to make sure it gets to all the nooks and crannies, it’s quiet enough to run overnight – the closest you can get to little elves cleaning up for your convenience! Its mop feature means even messier spots like kitchen tiles are spotless without you lifting a finger. 


#2 Sunrise on command

As the days start to get shorter, getting out of bed in the dark is such a drag. But with the Mi Smart Lightbulb, you can program an artificial sunrise to gently illuminate your room with warm morning light using the Yeelight App. The Smart Lightbulb can also be programmed to flow through a rainbow of colours for the perfect ambiance, whether you’re partying or chilling out. Not only is that better for your circadian rhythms, it’s amazing for your mood, too.


#3 Tea and coffee at your beck and call

Once you’re awake, you can head to the kitchen and treat yourself to a hot cup of coffee instantly with the Mi Smart Kettle, which you can program to boil at your waking time every day. It can even stay at the perfect temperature until you’re ready to pour. 


#4 Swiftly style your hair

When you’re getting your hair ready for the day, simplify your routine with the Mi Ionic Hair Dryer. Not only does its cutting-edge technology dry hair faster, but the charged ions it emits actually help to smooth hair cuticles and prevent frizz – no more fussing with the straightener and hair potions when you could be doing something more interesting!


#5 Work less, automate more

Ever wish you had a butler who could coordinate your home life? Someone to make sure your nifty Mi Air Purifier was turned off when you opened the windows, flicked off lights in empty rooms, scheduled coffee and cleaning duties, and double-checked the security system was activated when you left the house? Well, the Mi Smart Sensor Set can do all that and more – no Jeeves necessary!

The set includes motion sensors, window & door sensors and a wireless switch that’s a breeze to install. You can use the Mi Home App to connect the sensors to every Xiaomi smart product you have in your arsenal, activating them by opening certain windows, doors, using the switch, or simply walking into a room. Watch this video to check out just one way to take your space from old-school analogue to a newly connected smart home.

Free time is a priceless luxury

With all these options to automate, simplify and outsource your life, how much time do you think you’ll save? Thirty minutes a day, or even sixty? Let us know what you’ll do with all that free time, and when a fussy chore comes up, remember the mantra: let the robot do it!


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