10 Reasons to Love Xiaomi

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As the official distributors for Xiaomi in South Africa, we here at Mobile in Africa have discovered plenty of reasons to love this innovative tech company. To celebrate their tenth birthday, we’ve come up with ten of our favourite things about this tech innovator.

#1 Smartphones for smart people

As the world’s fourth-largest smartphone brand, Xiaomi has cutting-edge smartphones at unbeatable prices, sharing innovations every year. Innovations such as the Mi Note 10, which sports a penta-camera set up with 5 different built-in ways to snap the world around you. Combine that with a super night mode and 6.47-inch 3D curved AMOLED screen, and you’ve got a world-class mobile experience for only R835pm – now that’s a smart move. 

#2 Powering mobile photography for the Instagram-obsessed

If you’re all about the ‘gram, you’ll love the high-quality cameras built into Xiaomi phones. Gone are the days of one-lens-fits-all mobile photography: the Redmi Note 8 Pro on the rear packs a 64-megapixel primary camera, second 8-megapixel camera, a third 2-megapixel camera and a fourth 2-megapixel camera, and a 20-megapixel camera on the front for epic selfies. And with high processing power and a long battery life, you’ll keep up with shooting from the golden hour to the afterparty.

#3 The world’s largest consumer Internet of Things platform

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming how we work, play and live our lives. Xiaomi’s MIUI platform is the frontrunner in IoT tech, with over 213.2 million connected devices making things easier across the globe.

#4 Honest pricing

With an #InnovationForEveryone attitude, Xiaomi believes that great tech shouldn’t be for the privileged few. That’s why they’ve promised to keep their hardware net profit under 5%, to keep their technology affordable and accessible to everyone. 

#5 Empowering the gamers of the world

Did you know there are now over 2 billion mobile gamers in the world? If you have a phone, you’re likely to have a few games on it. But for those who take their mobile gaming to the next level, Xiaomi devices have ranked among the best phones for gaming, with powerful chipsets and long-lasting batteries, your Xiaomi phone can level-up your gaming skills anywhere, anytime. 

#6 The floor-to-ceiling smart home

With products for every room of the house, Xiaomi is committed to kitting out the entire home with new levels of functionality. From waking up to your smart kettle keeping your coffee at the perfect temperature, to drifting off to sleep thanks to the sunset feature on your bedside lamp, Xiaomi has every facet of your day optimised. 

#7 Fresh ideas from the youngest company on the Fortune Global 500 list

Thanks to the rapid rise of Xiaomi’s smartphone and home tech popularity, the company officially became the youngest on the Fortune Global 500 list. Rather than taking decades of trial and error to achieve such heights, Xiaomi has rapidly found a formula to create and sustain market leadership, making the Fortune Global 500 list in only 9 years.

#8 Focusing on healthy, happy customers

With a wide range of products that focus on wellness, Xiaomi is holistically interested in keeping their customers feeling their best. For health nuts the Mi Body Composition Scale 2 is the perfect at-home way to track weight, BMI, muscle mass, water content, body fat and more. Combined with the Mi Fit app, this tool can provide essential health feedback to keep you on track with your goals.

#9 Art at the heart of design

With a philosophy of less ‘material’, more ‘humanity’, the Xiaomi design process incorporates the philosophy that technology can also be a work of art.  Some of their tech is being featured in prominent art museums, including Helsinki’s Design Museum, which is a testament to the power of art and technology coming together.

#10 Beyond industry-standard quality

Xiaomi has managed to find a way to balance competitive pricing with world-class quality. Each device goes through rigorous testing, and any failed stress test leads to a complete redesign of the product. This detail-oriented approach gives consumers the peace of mind that their devices were created with quality in mind.

We’re proud to be the official distributor of Xiaomi in South Africa, hosting a range of both smartphones and smart products online and in stores across the country. Now we’ve given our top reasons to love the brand, we’ve got to ask: what’s your favourite thing about Xiaomi?


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